Friday, July 8, 2011


Hello guys and girls. I have had an awesome time so far, especially my holiday. 
I went on some really cool rides, search them up on youtube.
The rides are: RC racer, tower of terror, Space mountain and much more.

Anyway, here are some more updates from me!

 Its been sunny for a few days and it was really nice. But... It has also been raining, and it's even raining right now! Eww!

New stuff: 
 Sims 1 game on PC, full collection! I also got an 8ft Swimming Pool in my garden and a ladder. 

Cool things: 
 Induction days at school!
Milkshakes and Nuttela pancakes!
The beach with my bestfriends!
Sims 3!
My little brothers new made up words!

Thats about it for today!:D
see ya guys soon. Check out my other blogs.

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